The 4th meeting-Riga

Report of conference, Riga Febr 22-26, 2010



  1. raffaela argento said

    the experience in Riga was fantastic for me ,except snow! ah ah ah ah
    I think that the meeting in Riga has helped the Italian students to learn new culture and tradition they wouldn’t have ever learned in their country. the same is of course for the students of Riga.
    I saw the photos and they remind me the mervellous week from the 22nd to the 26th february.
    I always remember the sweet collegues from Romania, Germany, Polland, Riga and Sardinia.
    SEE YOU LATER dear collegues!
    Raffaela ( itcg Dalla Chiesa Partinico)

  2. Eva Bremen said

    Hi, Raffaela, it´s nice to read your comment on Riga. I´m pleased that despite of the snow and cold you could enjoy the particular character, the atmosphere, the special culture of Riga. I made 600 photos and have not deleted any of them. I subtitled them even with Latvian music and sometimes present them to students who didn´t know that we are having a Comenius projekt at our school. They´re pretty surprised and interested. I guess you couldn´t join in the welcoming performances because Sicily arrived only on Mon, but you may have heard that there were 6 or 7 groups from young to old who presented folk dance from the very best. See the photos. But you joined in the final presentation and could see and feel the history of the country.
    I will not forget the Sicilian contribution, that role play and the film documentation.
    If you keep your experience of Comenius it was worth joining.
    Best regards Eva, teacher from Germany

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