Describe the area where you lived. Did your family live in the country or in the town (which part of the town)?
How many people used to live in one home? (Children – generations)
What kind of domestic duties did you have to do?
Did religion play a role in your family?
How many children did your parents have?
Describe your housing in those days.
Did you have arranged marriages?
What time did you usually go to bed?
Was it easy to communicate with your parents?
How did you usually spend the evening?
Did people have any holiday?
Did you travel?
Where did you go?
How did you get there?
Who was responsible for household?
Did you go to church – how often?
What did you do at the weekends and in the free time?
What was your typical day like when you were 15?

What kind of facilities did you have in the kitchen/household?
How did you wash/clean yourself or your clothes?
Washing habits in the family?
Do you remember any household/kitchen improvements?
Did you have electricity?
If yes, how long could you use electricity?
How did you use technology in your free time?
What kind of soap did you use? Did you buy or make it?
How did your mother wash/iron clothes?
Was it easier to live without modern technology?

How old were you when you started school and how many years did you study?
What subjects did you study at school?
What do you remember about your teachers?
What did you do during the break?
How many different types of school did children attend?
Which subjects did you learn?
How many foreign languages did you learn?
Did you have all you your subjects in your classroom?
How strict were your teachers?
Did you attend kindergarten?
How many years did children go to school?
How long was the way to school?

Could the family afford more than the basic needs?
Do you remember any special food or eating habits (daily/weekends)?
How did mothers feed their children? (babies)
How many meals a day did you have?
How much of the income did you spend for food?
How often did you have a warm meal?
What was your favourite food?
How did you keep food and beverages cold in hot summers/ preserve food for the winter?
Did you buy bread or did you make it?
Where did you have milk from?

Did you have different clothes for different occasions?
Was fashion important for people of that time?
What kind of cosmetics did you use?
In what way was fashion important for people in that time?
Did you have a lot of different clothes?
Do you remember any special clothing habits?

How often did you/people go shopping and for what?
What kind of presents did you get on special occasions (Xmas, birthday)
How much money did the families spend on shopping?
Did you make your toys or buy them?
How do you remember material progress in those days?
What was the value of a horse, a cow, a chart?
What was your shopping list like?
Did you buy your clothes?
Did you make/remake your clothes?

What kind of transport did you/your parents use to get to school / work?
Was public transport cheap or expensive?
When did you buy your first car?
What kind of car was it?
How long did it take you/your parents to get to school?


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