Minutes from ComConfBremen2009

Minutes from Comenius conference on 28th April 2009 in Bremen

1. Feedback of the diary presentation.
– results are according to what was desired
– photos and infos from different countries are sometimes similar (Poland, Italy)
results need to be studied closely
– different ways of creating diaries (congratulations to great works! individual work, group work, different format of diaries; similarity and diversity)
– problems during work: sometimes only girls participating, no special classes for Comenius Project, difficulties in motivating students (Logo competition)
2. Evaluation of work.
– reading all diaries
– Teachers activity: Posting pictures and essential infos of work results on the webblog “historybystories.wordpress.com” (or sending them to Gabriela) – documentation in the internet
– Students activity: Comments about the other diaries posted on the webblog
Deadline: 15th June
3. Further work: Picture stories of the 70s.
Since school year is almost over, the new project can only be started after the summer in most schools, so work results are not expected by our next conference.
– keep working with the questionnaire
– picture stories can be handmade (posters) or digital (power point)
– work steps: 1. make interviews 2. write a story/divide it into sections/make a story board 3. play the scenes/find “freeze positions”/take photos or paint them.
– pay attention to clothes, hair style, props etc. typical for 70s.
– use Power Point or Word
– create 6 copies for each school
4. Next conference.
– October 7-10 Sardinia / Oct11-14 Sicily
– Sat night Oct 10thferry to Sicily
– Conference Latvia February 2010
– Conference Romania May 2010
5. Logo competition
– everyone has one vote
– winners: Romania 2 – 4 votes – 100 euros prize
Poland – 3 votes – 70 euros prize
Latvia – 2 votes – 40 euros prize
Sardinia – 2 votes – 40 euros prize


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