Logo competition

Logo competition „History by stories“ at GSM Bremen
The project itself
5 decades of everyday life in Europe focussing on family life, home technology, school, vehicles, transport, food, and shopping. The project will be investigating ordinary life from the late 1950ies up to the present through ordinary people in different European countries in parallel. Personal stories origining from research activities, from interviews with time witneses, from studying newspaper articles, or other authentic material, will be transformed into a collection of fictionalized biographies presented in different media according to the period of investigation.
So the 50ies will be displayed in the form of a fictional diary, postcard and letter. The 70ies will be dipicted in a picture story, the 90ies as a telenovela and the present as a video clip.

Each project needs a logo and therefore we want to invite you to a
logo competition in our school
What to do?
Create a logo by hand or computer in a general paper size (20×30 cm) with 5 colours max. It should contain simple shape and clear letters and elements of the theme reduced to the minimum. It should transport the idea on first sight. The name of „Comenius project“ should be included. You can either work with a partner or individually.

Deadline is Febr 27.

The Reward: precious books, dictionnaries and more; and join the European competition on the next conference.


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