2nd conference in Bremen April 26-30, 2009

Sunday 26th:
Today almost all members of the conference arrived; students met families and hopefully enjoyed the day in beautiful weather; teachers finished the day in the most traditional place:THE RATSKELLER.
Monday 27th:
Reception in the school canteen with headmistress: getting-to-know-activities with Romanians, Sardinians, Polish, Latvians and SIcilians- a real mass of people… Guided tour around our school, city centre and free time for youngsters. Good jazz and dancing for teachers with the Dankwart Reichelt Saxtett. Wow!
Tuesday 28th:
A great day of presentations. The most lovable diaries had been created. Grandmothers had been interviewed; old, scruffy, stained paper used as a background for old handwriting about everyday life of the fifties. We got an insight into remote times.
A final dinner at “Speicher XI” took us into the harbour tradition of bremen.
Wednesday 29th:
We had an excursion by train to Bremerhaven and the museum of emigration. Hadn´t we been passengers ourselves travelling into the new world?
Attend various classes: visit in Brokstraße with penpal projects between Romania and Latvia in particular. Great excitement to listen to real foreign languages and see pictures from those countries.
At 11.00 o´clock: Comenius students meet GSM. 5 European nations on the stage being framed by exciting and dynamic music- thanks to Magda from Poland and to the other bands from GSM.
Warm reception in the historical Town Hall. We didn´t expect to face another challenge. But we made it:
Winner for the best song: SIcily; winner for the logo competition Romania, Poland, Sardina, Latvia; winner for hospitality: Germany.
In the evening we finished with a nice grill party promising to meet again- soon.


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  1. Natalia said

    Wonderful experience for me! beatiful country, dear friends, very good hospitality. EXELLENT!!!!!

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