The 2nd meeting-Bremen

1st: the next conference is going to take place in Bremen/ 27-30 April Please, check this with your school, confirm it for us and start the bookings as soon as possible. Teachers can be put up privately if they want.Number of Students can be up to 20 altogether.Exceptions must be negotiated. May is a very beautiful time in Germany.

2nd: I had a look at most of our school homepages and- I may be wrong- but most of them were not really updated referring to the new project, (Bremen one included) Is it possible that in the coming weeks we try to add Comenius as one part of our homepages. Please, find someone to do this for you. If we do it together there might be a greater motivation.
3rd: The webblog needs to be filled in either. Please, write more details onto your introductory page according to your local school conditions and the name of your homepage can be linked immediately. See Romania and Germany.
4th: Don´t forget the logo competition.


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