Evaluation of the first COMENIUS conference in Kielce (24th – 28th Nov., 08)

This evaluation is based on the five questionnaires of the different participating countries.
All the participants enjoyed their stay in Poland very much. The hospitality of our Polish hosts was overwhelming. Everything was organized well and the atmosphere at school, the excursions and the meetings in the afternoons contributed a great deal to the good results of our work. We want to emphasize the kindness of the host families who welcomed the Latvian and Sardinian students to their homes. For our students it was a great chance to get an idea of the typical way of life in a Polish family. The possibility to attend classes together with their host students led to a better mutual understanding and enriched their cultural horizons.
During our conference we met all our Comenius partners and succeeded in working out a questionnaire taking into consideration the different opinions, cultures and historical backgrounds of all participating countries. This facilitated a better comprehension of the whole project and especially how to start with the first decade of the 50s and the expected results, i.e. fictional diaries. Furthermore we were able to set a general time frame for our next conferences. Not to forget the improvement of our foreign-language and communication skills. On the whole we achieved our main objectives.
As to the next months we hope to involve as many students as possible in the Comenius project. We wish to get a positive feedback from our students and to motivate them to find out as much as possible about the 50s so that they’ll be able to write authentic fictional diaries about that decade until the next conference. We also wish to keep in close contact with our foreign colleagues and continue exchanging experiences and results via WEB BLOG.
With reference to our next conference in May 2009 we would like each country to bring along their students. It would be a very special experience for them to get to know different cultures, customs and traditions. Apart from that we hope that we’ll manage to present a sufficient number of fictional diaries from the different countries at our next conference.
Many colleagues agreed to limit the time schedule on three days if possible so that less time is spent away from school.
We all like to say THANK YOU to the Polish colleagues and host families for having offered us such a kind and warm-hearted welcome. We also appreciate very much that the Polish teachers gave us the possibility to attend their classes and observe some lessons. We are well aware of the fact that all people who organized this first conference took much effort to make us feel at home in Poland.
Rosie Philipp, Bremen, 5th January, 2009


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    Great post, didn’t thought this would be so cool when I klicked at the title with link!

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