Essentials conference Kielce

Agenda and results
1. Introduction
2. Proposed project
3. Logo competition

1. Introduction of each partner
We had a round of each participant telling facts of their schools
(please, insert your details individually into webblog„“ ) like:
0. general profile of your school (general secondary, technical, ..)
1. name of website of your school
2. number of students of your school,
3. number of students involved in the project
4. teachers involved in the project
5. groups which will be working for „history…“ and how far they are part of the school curriculum, classes, volunteering…

Some of you have already submitted into the platform (Cagliari, Iasi, Bremen; the others, please add.
If we send the information to Gabriela, I´m sure she will insert everything at the right place.

Proposed project work
Jan-May 2009
2. Work with students
a) Introduce the topic to them; see our guide line in the webblog “5 decades of…“
b) Questionnaire for students` interviews with time witnesses
of the 50ies. The questions contain aspects of every field; if you can think of more , you are free to add them (see questionnaire from Ana Maria/Romania); students pick questions according to the situation.
The witnesses should ´ve been young or young adults at that time and remember well. More precise and even more inspiring questions could be advisable eg: „Do you remember your first day of school? (Please, let us know if something comes to your mind. It´s nice if answers are very authentic.)
c) research work
(background information about the 50ies, the post war situation, start into a new area,economical, historical, political aspects, employment…
d) Students evaluate their interviews and transform them into various kinds of text with pictures (historical or present)inclusive according to their approach. Do they want to produce their results as diary texts, on postcard or letter to…
e) Translate texts into English; have one text available in
national language; have 5 copies minimum to give to 5 partners as printed matter and digital if possible on next conference. Products ought to be joined to a respectable exhibition in your school and local partners. We´ll try to publish them in our homepage.

3. Logo competition
Jan-Apr 2009
Each school should announce and carry out a logo competition according to the rules of logos (including Comenius, Europe, the title, our guide line „5 decades of … ) and carry out a competition between Jan- April; bring the 3 best of your school to next conference (digital and printed); a local committee will evaluate the best and declare it as our new logo.

4. Sequence of conferences (updated to present state of
negotiations Dec 2008) Confirmation of GSM Bremen is still to come in January 2009
May 2009 Oct 2009 Febr 2010 May 2010 Final
GSM Bremen
4-8 ?alt: 25-29? Sicily/Sardinia 12-17? Latvia mid Febr? Iasi/Romania mid May ?

5. Please, use the webblog as our platform for information and exchange of opinions; a monthly report about the status quo is recommended.


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