The 1st meeting-Kielce

Eva v. Zobeltitz/Bremen
Report of our 1st Comenius Conference in Kielce/ Poland, „History by stories“
Dates: 2008 Nov 24-28

Place: Gymnazium No 2 Jaworznia
Participants: Maija and Anda from Riga/ Latvia; with 4 students aged 16-18
Anna- Maria and Cornelia from Iasi /Romania
Ignazio, Rocco, Juici, Paolo/ Partinico/Sicily
Maria and Paola/ Cagliari/Sardinia with 6 students aged 16-18
Hella, Eugen, Rosie, Eva/Bremen/Germany

The conference started with a warmhearted welcome at the Kielce station on Sun 23; all delegates had safely arrived and were taken to a nice and comfortable hotel or to the Polish families who had been already been waiting. An official reception at Jaworznia Gymnasium followed on Mon 24 where kids and staff had prepared a meeting in the gym with a traditional welcome ceremony of bread and salt and lovely music presentations.
Thanks to the splendid preparation of Magda and Ewa an interesting and fascinating program followed throughout the week.
We were shown around the school with its European exhibits, we had interesting visits in classes and time to get to know our new partners; there was time for an efficient conference to prepare the project work for the months to come, we had walks and talks and outings to see the beautiful vicinity of Jaworznia in winter; with an interesting exhibition in the school gym the various schools could introduce each other. We had diverting food evenings to experience the marvelous family hospitality of Polish parents or enjoy the time eating out in fine places in Kielce. A visit to Krakow on a day trip was certainly one of the highlights of the stay.
Students were taken into the families with great hospitality; they were much involved in the school during daytime, in the exhibition of their own school and country and private activities in the evenings.
There was plenty of time to get to know each other and the meeting ended in best wishes and hopes to meet again soon, students included. The new project seemed to have a prefect start into the next 2 years.
Thank you, Yaworznia.


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